2016 Twirlybird Annual Meeting at HAI

(photos by Mark Mennie)

Sergei Sikorsky presents Less Morris Award to Mel’Reilly with O’Reilly friends & employees

The gang is all here!!!

Steve Sullivan toasts the Twirly Birds
Mrs. Viola, Jim Viola, Barry Lloyd, Gary Young, Mrs. Young 

Bill Payne, Ross Fay, Lowell Tucker
Sergei Sikorsky and O’Reilly guests

Steve Sullivan Twirly Birds President
Sergei and Elena Sikorsky
    Sergei Sikorsky and Mel O'Reilly
Sharon Desfor and Steve Sullivan
Mel O’Reilly and son Mike
New TB Mark Gibson

Catherine Blower, Gian Franco Blower, Sergei Sikorsky,  Erik Bolvinkel
?, Bob McNab, Ned Spain appluading the Less Morris Award winner

Mel O'Reilly & Bob McNab
Jim Kettles Twirly Birds VP

Mel O’Reilly, Bob McNab, Matt Zuccaro
Barry Kohler

Barbara Halvorson and Catherine Blower
Joe Rough and Elling Halvorson