2018 TwirlyBird Annual Meeting at HAI

Photos by Jeff Evans and Bob Petite
 Roy Morgan being presented the Les Morris Award by Sergei Sikorsky (L) and Aaron Todd (R)

Jim Kettles, Steve Sullivan, Dennis MacBain,
and Terry Blumenthal

 Elana and Sergei Sikorsky
 Steve Sullivan

 Greg Maitlen (Standing) and Mike Allen
Don Lambert and Gene Munson
 Aaron Todd

Lowell Tucker and Joel Dozier
 Harold Summers and Mrs. Summers
Gary Young and Gene Munson

Steve Sullivan, Scott Smith,  and Sergei Sikorsky
Scott Smith and Sergei Sikorsky  John Adams

 Dennis MacBain, Leslie Contreras, Kelley Parlier,
and Jim Kettles

 Roy Morgan  Jim Kettles