Offshore Oil Conference  New Orleans, Louisiana 1956

Photo courtesy of Joe Seward
Offshore conference 1956
Clockwise from left: General Hamilton Howze (Chief of Army Aviation), Benny Whalen (President Sikorsky Aircraft), Don Stiles (Aircraft manger Standard Oil, Gulf Coast),Carl Brady (ERA Helicopters Alaska) The General's Pilot, Bill Fey ( Sales Representative Sikorsky Aircraft), Joe Seward (Rotor-Aids), Elmer "Tug" Gustafson (Sales Manager Sikorsky Aircraft),Charlie Scholes (Aviation Manager Humble Oil), Igor Sikorsky 

HAI's 50th Anniversary-Twirly Birds Meeting 1998

TB 50th

Left to Right: Andy Aastad, Carl Brady, Joe Seward, Jim Ricklefs, Jacques Guequierre

Note:   This is the beginning of our historic photo presentation.   In time we will add more photos of interest.