TB History from the Slattery Collection

present by Bill Yarber

21  May 2011

Hello Twirly Birds,

Enclosed is the first DVD of some of the early Pioneers. These items were scanned and put on a DVD by the staff at UTD with no charge to the Twirly Birds. The pictures and paper material were placed in archival envelopes and included in the Slattery Collection at UTD.

These items were arbitrarily selected from existing files that should make interesting additions to the TB historical file. I regret that it has taken me so long to start this project. There are several additional historical pictures and notes that will be added to the next DVD. This has proven to be a very time consuming project.

Slats spent years and untold hours collecting, responding to inquiries, sending thank you notes, asking members to pay their dues, etc. Slats kept an individual file on many Twirly Bird members. These files will also be donated to UTD.

The Pioneers have stories from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everywhere in between. They include three war veterans from enlisted to 3 stars plus international members.   A couple of yarns - read the one to Louis Armandias about flying over Buckingham Palace at tea time.   Another interesting story is in a letter to Stew Graham from Friedrich Doblhoff about the destruction of a helicopter that he was building in Germany during WWII.   (Webmaster note:  Letter under F.L. Doblhoff)

The 1966 TB meeting is listed under Piasecki Aircraft. Joe Mashman is standing in the second row, second from the left in the 1956 meeting picture. In the Bell visitors picture, L to R, #2 Joe Seward, #3 Roy Falconer, #10 Cully Weadock - others are unknown to me.

The Pioneers were a colorful lot with many events that would have been lost without Slats efforts to preserve some history.  

Cheers,  Bill Yarber

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